Shade Systems has instituted the following protective measures at all jobsites.

  • Safety meetings will be by telephone, if possible. If safety meetings are conducted in-person, attendance will be collected verbally and the crew lead will sign-in each attendee. Attendance will not be tracked through passed-around sign-in sheets or mobile devices. During any in-person safety meetings, we will avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people and participants must remain at least six (6) feet apart.
  • Employees must avoid physical contact with others and shall direct others to increase personal space to at least six (6) feet, where possible.
  • All in-person meetings will be limited. To the extent possible, meetings will be conducted by telephone.
  • Employees will be encouraged to stagger breaks and lunches, if practicable, to reduce the size of any group at any one time to less than ten (10) people.
  • Shade Systems understands that due to the nature of our work, access to running water for hand washing may be impracticable. In these situations, the Company will provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers and/or wipes.
  • Employees will limit the use of co-workers’ tools and equipment. To the extent tools must be shared, Shade Systems will provide alcohol-based wipes to clean tools before and after use.
  • Employees are encouraged to limit the need for N95 respirator use, by using engineering and work practice controls to minimize dust. Such controls include the use of water delivery and dust collection systems, as well as limiting exposure time.
  • Employees will minimize ride-sharing. While in vehicles, employees will ensure adequate ventilation.
  • If practicable, each employee will use/drive the same truck or piece of equipment every shift.
  • In lieu of using a common source of drinking water, such as a cooler, employees will use individual water bottles.